Krzysztof Żak

Dzień dobry. Dokumenty doszły, motocykl też już mam w domu. Dziękuję za fachową i profesjonalną obsługę, z przyjemnością ponowię zakupy za Państwa pośrednictwem. Pozdrawiam, Krzysztof Żak.

Konrad Murawski

Jesteście jedna z nielicznych firm, które odpowiadają w ekspresowym tempie. Są zawsze pomocni i w pełni profesjonalni. Wielkie dzięki ze zawsze można na was liczyć! Pozdrawiam. Zadowolony klient.

Konrad Murawski

Dobry wieczór.
Chciałem podziękować za bezproblemowy kontakt. Wszystko udało się bez problemów. Auto jest właśnie w trakcie przeróbek świateł. Wszystko zgadza się z opisem. Jestem bardzo zadowolony. Jeszcze raz dziękuje! Pozdrawiam, Konrad Murawski.

Paweł Piskorowski

Excellent, very quick responce, friendly service and affordable prices. The shipping is really fast and the rates are affordable as well. I would definitely recommend ING Solutions LLC services. Thank you for the cooperation!

Tomasz Białek

The service is very polite, friendly and highly professional! They respond to you very quickly, so you do not need to spend time waiting the reply, unlike other brokers that I used. I would recommend the service of ING to anybody!

Maciej Grzęda

EasyExport.US is a professional company with a reliable and friendly service. They quickly helped me to find an apropriate venicle among the Copart Auto Auction inventory, as i have no clue about such transactions and deals. Thanks to you I was able to purchase the necessary equipment! Best Regards.

Anna Rogowska

Many thanks to ING Solutions company for their professional assistance in purchasing a vehicle. I work with different companies, and this one is definitely the best of those who I've been dealing with for decades. I'd like to say special thanks to Polish-speaking representative, I don't know his name but I suppose this person is working day and night!!!!


I would like to thank ING Solutions LLC for a very good and competent service. The Polish speaking representative responds very quickly to any questions. I bought my first motorcycle that was sent to Germany. I can even recommend your company to anyone who has not yet decided to buy a car alone. Your company will be highly recommended. Again, thank you and best regards!

Don H.

 Your site fills a void for rebuilders without dealers license. Your operation is easy to use (paypal) and easy to get support. Called several times and got very good support. I have tried several other services over the past 12 years and this is the best yet. Transportation has also been excellent and convenient and affordable. 


Your service is amazing ! Thank you !! quick response, very helpful !!


Good morning! I would like to thank your company and its employees, this is my first Harley that I bought in the USA although do not know much about the procedures and transport. So EasyExport.US is really highly recommended, contact is immediate and the staff is very nice and competent. Everything is taken care of. Very professional and highly recommendable company ING Solutions LLC - solid, honest! Buying from it is a pleasure. Company is recommendable!

Artur Roschinsky

Great company! Special grattitude to the office that supports the clients from Poland! Qualified managers. Professional and friendly support service. Thank you very much!

Douglas V E.

The vehicles I bought were well worth the cost. It was pretty easy to negotiate the system as well. Any time I needed help, it was there. Thank you.

Suren K.

I'd like to say THANK YOU to your team, especially to Kristina for her communication culture, for everything, she is a very polite and nice person and other employees should take her as an example. I worked with many people, I have a big company, but it's unusual to meet such a great person. THANK YOU.

AS-PROFI, Andrzej Traczyk

Dear ladies and gentlemen! I am very grateful for the help you provided me due to the lack of Full package of documents for my car. This was a problem for me. Luckily, your responsible stuff struggled for all of my interests. I can rely on you! Thank you so much! Undoubtedly the BEST!

Franciszek Neunert

I am positively surprised by the professionalism, dedication and integrity of the employees of ING Solutions LLC. Even before I bought the car in the U.S., I had realized that my choice was right. Now I know that I chose the best company among all providing brokerage services. EasyExport.US has supported me and provided a full range of services at 100%, from checking the car before bidding, to organizing cargo transportation services to my home, with the issuance of all documentation.

Piotr Zera

This is the best and the most wonderful company in the world! And what is the most important is they never leave their customers without assistance in difficult situations! 100% quality guarantee! Highly recommend to everyone!


I just wanted to add that this companies product and services was a great experience and at a later date, I plan to re-apply for membership.

Johnny F.S.

Your service was beyond great. It was extraordinary. Especially "Victoria Smith" online help was great, polite, fast and very knowledgable. I will buy more cars through your service this year. Thanks for making buying salvage cars as easy as ABC.

Alexandru R.C.

 Excellent customer service. I will surely return to purchase more vehicles and I will recommend you to my friends as well.

Don P.S.

I am satisfied because your company is reliable and secure and the costumer serive is great and bussines is quick and efficent thank you very much and hope to do bussiness again in the future


I have bought 3 cars with this company before, and there are still some on their way to me. Very pleasant and professional service! They respond to emails very quickly and sensibly. And, moreover, there are no problems with the loading of the vehicles. I am very happy to work with this company, and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you very much!

SALON AUT, Andrzej Smagoń

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to ING Solutions LLC and a gentleman who speaks Polish +48-500-33-11-31. This man is very reliable and helpful in any situation This company is very professional and always ready to assist in solving any issue. I highly recommend the company ING Solutions LLC to everyone! Dealing with this company  is a real pleasure ! Communicating via the Internet with this person has never caused any problems. I would recommend ING Solutions LLC as a very reliable and well-certified company. Thanks and best wishes.


I would like to thank you for your help in the process of buying cars, quick response to all questions and issues. We appreciate your assistance and we will continue using your services. Great and professional attitude and support. The company is trustworthy. I wish you success in all your future sales.

Nikolay Zanev

Just wanted to send some positive feedback about your service so far, you have an amazing customer support!

Thanks to Kristina Harrison and all your team for replying to all my questions in a swift and positive way.

Looking forward working with you on future auctions!

ROCONET Rafał Szewczyk

Service EasyExport.US works perfectly! Service at the highest level, a very quick response to all questions and orders even out of hours service and public holidays. A nice touch and help in going through all the procedures means that the purchase is a pleasure. Next car from the U.S. definitely buy together with EasyExport.US. I highly recommend!

Dawid Mokwa

I am really glad to cooperate with your company! The car was ready for the shipment quickly, and all formal issues were solved promptly. I am absolutely convinced that the customer can count on your support in any situation. At this time, it is particularly important. I can say with all confidence: a reliable, flexible, and honest company. No problems at all. Thank you. With great respect.


Thank you verey much for your help in the process of buying cars, quick response to all questions. Great and professional attitude and support. The company is trustworthy.

Jeffrey N.

I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me while I was trying to get familiar with your web site. Thanks again very much and I will call you again to help me in the future.


Thank you! The problem I had was successfully resolved and I can recommend you to other buyers and I will say positive words for EasyExport.

Piotr Brzeski

I'm impressed by the professionalism and competence of service in the Polish language. I would like to note, that, despite the fact that there are many companies on the market, I have chosen yours, because I think that professional and competent approach, clear and accurate terms of cooperation, deserve respect and praise.


Great service, prompt answers to my questions. I will choose you again if I have to bid on another car.


You respond quickly (i.e., if some questions arise, you solve them quickly)

Elijah B.


I would like to thank ING solution for all there good work and excellent communication medium, I appreciate all that your company did for me in ensuring that I got my car. 
Thank you!

Steven N.

I already won a bid on a 2013 flood salvage Fiat. Title/certificates came today. It looks like I will save at least $10,000 off the price of a dealer bought 2013!


I was able to find a truck that was in great shape, and service was excellent, tracking says they picked vehicle up already, I just paid today, A++++++


Thanks very much for your considerate and professional service.

Robert Rzeski

Thank you for helping me to formalize these documents. Without your help I would have never managed to register this car.
If someone asks me about the possibility to buy a car from the US, I will sincerely recommend your company. Thank you once again and good luck!

Kent, Y.

Service was great. Love the online help... they are the best.

Marc, A.

We are satisfied with the service. We will use again in the future should we require another vehicle. Thank you!

Melissa, P.

The State of Florida requieres a broker in order to complete the transaction. I just needed a car for myself at this time. I am very happy with the service and I`ll look for them in future transactions. Thanks!

Daniar, K.

I bought several trucks from this company. I am really happy with the purchase. I will return and buy more. For sure I will recommend this company to my colleagues in Almaty. This is a great side business for me.

Johnny, B.

I have been using ING to buy bikes for 5 years already. I am satisfied as I did a great deal of project work. I repair and sell them. These online auctions save my time. So I can recommend them to all my friends.

Abibola, K.

Great service! Good prices! I bought some Toyotas and shipped them to Lagos. I can tell that these persons are working hard to provide the best services and good deals. God bless them!

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