2010 Website Improvements make Searching much Easier

Website Improvements to now makes searching for a specific make and model much faster and easier, with the introduction of the new “QuickSearch” tool, which offers additional filters and upgrades to make finding and bidding on any vehicle on the website much easier.
Copart’s goal is to continue to provide services for people that make finding what they are looking for easier when it comes to finding a specific item from our large inventory of over 50,000 vehicles daily.


Scranton Facility opened by Copart

Copart released news today that it has opened a new facility in Scranton, Pennsylvania Scranton’s Copart yard is one of the newest facilities world-wide. 
CEO and founder, Willis J. Johnson, the site will be an important part of Keystone state and will service this busy area well, plus provide a facility in Scranton for Copart members to bid on cars.
By providing this New Jersey facility, we can continue to provide our legendary customer service to our members in Pennsylvania.


Car Salvage By ING Solutions LLC

 Accidents happen and can’t be avoided sometimes. Car accidents are no different.  Most people will be in a car accident sometime in their life, and often the car is badly damaged.  In some cases the cost of repair exceeds the value of the car.  It’s at this time where car salvage may be your best option.  Salvaging your car is where your vehicle is sold to an automotive salvage yard.  The amount of cash you will receive depends often on the severity of the damage, and the make and model of your car.


Salvage Wrecked Cars with ING Solutions LLC

Unfortunately, in every country on the face of this earth, automobile wrecks do happen.  After a wreck, once beautifully detailed and sleek automobiles suddenly have transmuted into twisted and scraped metal bodies.  However, even these former “beauty queens” can be reclaimed for posterity.  Not even one of them needs to be cast off as hopelessly useless.  It is possible to salvage wrecked cars and allow them to continue to function in some very essential capacity.


How It Works
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