Top 5 Sedans with the Most Cargo Capacity for 2015

Choosing the best sedan for you and your relatives is never a simple task to accomplish. On one side, you will need to compare and contrast the options in the market at the time of the purchase. On the other side, you may need to dedicate more time than that. Making an educated decision is never obvious because there are some features that should be assessed carefully. Listening to the advice from some experts before picking your new vehicle is advisable, especially if you are not an expert yourself on the automotive sector.

These are the steps to get some candidates:

• First, check the specifications of the models that interest you in order to narrow down the list of vehicles.
• Next, compare and contrast the characteristics of these cars to come to a conclusion on which one will comply with your expectations the most.
• Last, contrast the specifications of a smaller set of cars according to your most exigent criteria.

One important feature is the cargo capacity; you want to pick a vehicle that is adequate for transporting the amount of luggage and gear that is necessary in the trips you will make. The trunk space is not only the most relevant factor in this aspect, but it could be decisive nonetheless; it should not be overlooked. In addition to this data, the room in the cabin is also note-worthy so that passengers will have the most space on the road. For instance, do you often travel? Do you like going on trips with your relatives? If you do, you should take note of the following models that stand out for their larger cargo capacity in comparison to other vehicles released in 2015 that are at your disposal in the current market.

1. Tesla Model S

This electric car Tesla Model S is one of the most luxurious out there at the moment; it combines the latest technology to provide great performance. The vehicle offers a lot of room for the passengers and some fascinating features that are appealing for a wide range of users. For instance, the battery range is amazing – according to the reviews by the users - and the performance is neat in every model of this series. In these vehicles, the cargo capacity reaches 26.3 cubic feet. Space-wise, there is room for 7 passengers in total.

Although these models come with some cons – such as a bit of a lack of material quality for similar-priced vehicles in the market or the not-too-high convenience for its value – the design is overall solid. The automotive sector is a very competitive one; every tiny detail counts in order to get an edge over the others. Therefore, you’ll want to pay attention to every piece of information on the specification sheet of the model. Moreover, Tesla runs changes throughout the year instead of yearly updates on its vehicles. Thus, the specifications of this model may vary depending on the date of your purchase. You should check the latest information to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

2. Audi A7 and A8 models

These vehicles by the German manufacturer are some of the most refined masterpieces of the automotive sector. They are luxurious cars with beautiful design, astonishing performance and powerful acceleration all in one stylish package. In addition to the mechanical performance, the latest technology is at your disposal in any of these vehicles, such as the Wi-Fi Audi connect feature that comes by default in all the models of the series. On a side note, the fuel consumption is quite appealing; it is around 29 mpg in combined use in the Audi A7 vehicles.

Space-wise, there is an additional rear seat in the middle of the row that allows a total of five people to travel comfortably. The Audi A7 model has a total cargo capacity of 24.5 cubic feet that you can use in your trips. The Audi A8 is also worth considering in this regard provided that the A8– short and large – models have a trunk that provides 17.3 cubic feet plus the additional cargo space inside the vehicle that varies a bit with the model. The S8 has an 18.4-cubic-foot trunk. As you can see, the Audis offer plenty of space in the sedan designs.

3. Audi RS 7 and Audi S7

Both of these models by the German manufacturer have a lot of appeal in the design, and the mechanical performance is excellent under any circumstance. In short, the Audi A7 is anyone's dream luxury vehicle. The users rate the acceleration and handling highly. Moreover, the fuel economy is a feature worth considering in this car, not to mention that there is a lot of high technology on the cabin to support your driving experience at every moment on the road. The A7’s have a seat on the back row so that a total of five passengers can travel comfortably.

There is a tie between these models; both of them offer a total cargo capacity of 24.3 cubic feet. The A7 Sport back version is the cheapest of the series and has an 18.9-cubic-foot trunk. The Audi S7 Sport back and the Audi RS7 Sport back are the more luxurious versions of the A7 series; they have the same volume in the car trunk. The Audi A7 series offer a bit less raw cargo space than the A8 model. However, in practical use, the volume of the car boot is similar and the space in the cabin does not seem under-loaded in comparison.

Fortunately, you don't have to spend more money to have the most spacious version of this series by Audi. In fact, all the models of this manufacturer tend to be very roomy in the interior so that you can also carry some gear in the passenger area without compromising comfort. The estimated consumption for these vehicles is about 29 mpg in combined mileage, which is amazingly high considering the power of the engine and the performance on the road.

4. Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is a sedan that stands out from the rest. At first sight, it is a beautiful, well-designed car that shines. Economy-wise, the car ranges from 19 to 29 mpg, which is average for this kind of vehicles nowadays. This sedan has six-speed shiftable automatic gear and is up-to-date with the connectivity; it has Bluetooth by default. A maximum of five passengers can travel comfortably in this car, which also comes equipped with a navigation system.

In this model, the cargo capacity reaches 20.1 cubic feet. The front seats are six-way powered to provide the position that is mostly comfortable on the road. The manual lumbar support is adjustable on both seats along with the height. The driver seat is covered with cloth whereas the passenger has a bucket seat. The rear seats split-fold and there is a center armrest with storage. There are also ventilation ducts for the passengers who travel in the rear row. This car is equipped with digital keypad power door locks and one-touch power windows, too.

As usual, the car has a trip computer and a low level fuel warning. Convenience-wise, there are several features that make this car appealing, such as cruise control, front and rear cup holders, door pockets, overhead and front seat-back storage, remote trunk release, audio and cruise controls on the steering wheel, destination guidance and a rearview camera that proves to be really handy in some maneuvers.

Regarding the entertainment aspect in this car, there are half a dozen speakers, adjustable sensitive volume control, six months of satellite radio service, an auxiliary audio input and a radio data system. All in all, you can plug your player device or connect it wirelessly to tune up your favorite tracks. In addition to the above-listed features, you can also subscribe to the voice directions navigation system service. You won't need a hands-free device to connect with your phone due to the Bluetooth data link equipped standard in the vehicle.

5. Lincoln MKS

The Lincoln MKS is a luxurious sedan with a classy exterior shape that is very appealing. The fuel consumption ranges in the average values, from 19 to 28 mpg with six-speed shiftable automatic gear. The connectivity is not an issue, as it has Bluetooth connectivity and a navigation system by default. This car is full of amazing features that ensure the comfort of each ride regardless of the length of the trip. Passengers who travel on the rear seat have a folding pass-through centre armrest and can be comfortable from the rear ventilation ducts.

To access the car, you count on hands-free entry, and the windows are one-touch powered. Among the instruments at hand, you will have a trip computer, a compass and an external temperature display. Convenience-wise, there is cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, a universal remote transmitter that is compatible with garage doors, security systems and so forth. The steering wheel has some controls, such as the cruise and audio buttons. You can't argue that the rearview camera will come in handy.

In this model, the cargo capacity reaches 19.2 cubic feet. There is plenty of space and appealing features that will forever change your conception of the driving experience. The dual-zone climate controls offer the customization that passengers need in order to travel comfortably. Speaking of customization, the steering wheel saves the settings for two different drivers.

Among the entertainment options, there is a diversity antenna, a video monitor, 10speakers with 210-watt output, satellite radio and a six-month provided radio service. However, the AM/FM radio is not the only source of entertainment, as you also have an auxiliary audio input, a USB external media control and a memory card slot that will literally let you listen to whichever media content you want. The Bluetooth data link that enables hands-free calls while driving.

As you can see, the Lincoln MKS is one of the most amazing cars out there in the market, combining excellent performance with the latest technology features to complement your driving experience every day.


In conclusion, there are excellent sedan designs that provide the valuable cargo space that anyone needs in a long trip. Moreover, any of these spacious top-five vehicles has enough room in the trunk to store a family's gear and baggage on the road without taking away from the comfort of the passengers. Provided that you do not purchase a car very often and this vehicle will be your means of transportation, this decision must be properly evaluated. What's more, you can count on your relatives’ opinions to decide what style of vehicle suits you better.

There are quite a few safety features that are interesting for the users and should be considered in the decision, such as: the four-wheel ABS, front and rear airbags, front-side mounted airbags, rear door child safety locks, headrests in every seat, tire pressure monitoring, stability control, trunk release button, airbag deployment notification and more.

Among the factors that drive you throughout the decision, you should ponder the following: cargo space, trunk space, vehicle dimensions, number of seats and so on. Fortunately, most specification sheets have these points clearly stated for any user to check them out. On the Internet, you will find the complete specs of any of the above-listed models and much more information on the vehicles.

The more spacious a vehicle is, the better in most cases, but this is not the only deciding factor in such an important purchase. Do not forget to compare what new features the most recent models offer in comparison to the previous year’s releases; some brands like Tesla provide regular improvements to their designs rather than yearly updates. In addition, some features remain unchanged within a few years by some manufacturers – this is something worth considering because the most important characteristics could stay unmodified for over a year in the worst case scenario. The updates depend on the brand; each manufacturer has a unique approach to innovation in the automotive sector.

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