Top 5 Coupes With the Most Cargo Capacity for 2015

Many people love coupes among the vehicle models in the market because of their versatility and the performance on the road; not to mention the stylish look that combines aerodynamic shapes with a lot of power. On the down side, the cargo space could be a bit of an issue on some coupe models because of the limitation that these cars have regarding space inside over all. The main purpose of the coupes is to provide a reliable grip on the road under any circumstance. In order to do so, the vehicle has a lower-than-regular suspension and the shape favours aerodynamics while the car accelerates rather than spacious interiors. Therefore, there is no place for huge cargo spaces in most of these cars.

There are some models that are a bit of the exception to this general rule provided that they offer a larger boot. In this article, we provide an updated list that enumerates the coupe models that were released in 2015 and therefore are still at your disposal in the current market. We also provide some useful information as to why each of the below-listed models are great picks for different user profiles. Thus, you should consider the features before making a final decision if you are looking for a new car at this moment.

1. 2015 Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is a highly-rated car that offers an attractive set of features to every user. It has an undeniably spacious back seat and trunk. Besides, the shiny materials in the cabin stand this model out from the rest in the same category. Although there is size and weight limitation as to the handling prowess and the high trunk liftover could be an issue for some of the users. This car is rated as one of the most agile designs of 2015. Therefore, it is worth considering if you wish to swiftly move on the road with a powerful vehicle.

The 2015 version of this model excels at touring and improves the driving performance on the road. Users rate this car with 7.5 out of 10. Most likely, the exterior and interior design is what the owners value the most about this car; just like the performance. Safety and comfort are the second higher-rated features for this car. Fuel economy is not precisely the strongest point in the reviews by most consumers, though. All in all, the reviews are positive about this car regarding almost any of the main aspects; it is a solid pick for a vast majority of buyers.

The V8 engine provides reliable acceleration and the high-end interiors make the driving experience something else. The cargo capacity is 16.2 ft³, which is arguably one of the largest for this category of vehicles in the current market. Thus, it is a perfect choice for someone who is looking for a fast car with a lot of space to carry stuff and luggage. You will travel comfortably without being forced to pack light every time you move over a long distance.

2. 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is one of the most luxurious coupes of the previous year. The car is stylish and shiny on every curve; its shape is aerodynamic and provides a reliable performance on the road under any circumstance. This is one of the most amazing cars that you could buy for the time being; it is truly outstanding. The 6.2-litre V8 engine performs outstandingly on the road and in city. There are two versions of this car on the market: the 8-speed automatic and the 7-speed manual model. Thus, the user can pick the best arrange according to one's own driving preferences.

Moreover, this car is also released as targa top (semi-convertible car body style) or convertible in order to adapt to the requirements of the users. As in previous releases of the same car, Chevrolet offers a lot of reliability and, of course, a flawless performance on the road. The fuel consumption ranges is another feature to consider whenever you ponder purchasing this car, it ranges from 16 to 29 mpg and the top speed is about 180 mph.

In this vehicle, the cargo capacity reaches a maximum of 15 ft³ without losing comfort. For this reason, the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is the second most spacious vehicle that you may find in the current market. Therefore, it is also an excellent pick for families or singles who can afford the price of this luxurious car provided that the top-notch features increase the price considerably in comparison to other options on the market. In any case, the inversion is worth the price due to the high-end quality of the materials and the design.

3. 2015 Hyundai Elantra Coupe

The Hyundai Elantra is a suitable choice for a wide range of users. It offers a lot of interesting and useful features to most users in everyday use. The 15-inch steel wheels come with wheel covers that make this car shiny and appealing at first sight. There is a a central screen which displays the navigation while the driver is on the road. Therefore, there is no need for additional devices to profit from the GPS system in this car. The display is conveniently placed in order to show information regarding the navigation and the entertainment. This car is surely a good choice for singles and/or families who like to travel in a regular basis without undermining the cargo capacity too much.

On top of the above-mentioned characteristics, it is worth noting the interior space that this vehicle provides to its owner. In this car. the cargo capacity reaches 14.8 ft³, which is worth considering if you like being on the road on a frequent basis. For most uses, such as short trips or everyday mileage, it is more than enough for a vast majority of users. The driver and passengers comfort is assured whenever they ride on this car.

4. 2015 Dodge SRT Viper

The Dodge SRT Viper is a car with shiny curves that anyone would like to drive. It is attractive at first sight and has an interesting fuel consumption, which ranges from 12 to 21 mpg. This vehicle has a long nose behind which the powerful engine is stored. It has a high acceleration on the road which is boosted by the aerodynamic aids on the chassis. The potency is a plus that most users highlight on their reviews online about the overall performance in city and on the road. Thus, if you enjoy moving quickly on the highway, pick this 2015 model.

Furthermore, this car is a very potent vehicle with sort of a less limited boot that most coupes usually have. The cargo capacity in the Dodge SRT Viper is about 14.7 ft³. Although not the largest, it still surpasses some models in the category; which is the reason to include this vehicle on this top 5. The 8.4-liter V10 engine is more than capable of providing the acceleration that you require in order to more swiftly on the road in every circumstance. Power is arguably the most outstanding characteristic of the driving experience in this car. On top of that, the touch screen display serves as a practical electronics interface for the driver and the passengers during the ride.

The 2015 version of this car offers a bit more power (+5 HP) and improves the fuel consumption at the same time. There are also more interesting features worth noting in this release, such as the rearview camera, additional side airbags and a dozen Harman speakers that form the sound system as standard equipment in this car. Therefore, the 2015 release improves the set of features that the vehicle puts at your disposal in comparison to the versions of the previous years.

5. 2015 Honda Accord Coupe

The 2015 Honda Accord Coupe offer a lot of features to the user which qualify this vehicle as a good pick according to the online reviews. On one side, you have at your disposal the remote keyless power door locks and the one-touch power windows to adapt the use of the car to your needs. Regarding the most convenient characteristics in the car, you count on the cruise control, front door pockets, front and rear cup holders, a rearview camera, among other characteristics. The comfort is assured whenever you travel in this amazing car due to the set of aspects.

Moreover, climatization is quite effective in this vehicle provided that there is a dual zone climate controls for drivers and passengers. There are dual illuminating vanity mirrors for everyone's convenience, as well. Provided that entertainment is important, there are 6 speakers, a 160-watt stereo output, auxiliary input and USB that provide connection to external media control; not to mention the Bluetooth wireless data link that allows hands-free calls while driving.

Moreover, there is enough space to travel comfortably in this car so that everybody can carry some stuff for the trip. The Honda Accord Coupe offers a cargo capacity of 13.7 ft³, which is in the regular figures for its category in comparison to other models. However, it is more than enough space for most everyday use on the road. If you are looking for a powerful car that combines several appealing features in the same pack; this is definitely a strong pick for a wide range of users who look for a combination of potency and versatility on the road.


As you can see, there are some coupes that offer a more spacious boots than others, which is not anything to underestimate in everyday life. In addition to the comfort and security aspects that the above-listed models offer to every driver, the additional cargo space if quite practical any time of the day. You just need to ponder the pros and cons of the coupes in order to make an educated decision on your purchase. Most of the models have default features that cover the user's requirements in a general basis. In addition, you can include some additional features to improve the performance of the vehicle. However, these added values increase the price; you should review the different possibilities in order to come up with the best version of your upcoming car.

In conclusion, the coupes can definitely provide a large enough cargo capacity even for some passengers or a trip in family. Therefore, if you are currently looking for a vehicle that is sportive and spacious at the same time, you should consider one of the above-listed models. There are versions of previous years and 2015 editions releases for those models that outperforms the former designs in many aspects. Thus, you should carefully assess the improvements in the composition to decide which is the most suitable car according to your expectations.

The most recent designs improve some features above others. This is especially important regarding the cargo capacity and the interior space, which is an aspect that should never be overlooked when looking for a new vehicle. The boot dimensions have been increased in some of the models throughout the years to provide more utility to the user in everyday mileage. However, provided that this is not the case for each design, you should make a comparison among the latest versions of the models that are of your interest so as to decide check the progression in the past few years. By doing so, you will identify which car is meant to transport more gear without compromising the comfort in the interior.

Moreover, there are some online tools which you can use to carry out a comparison including different coupe models. These tools are often very simple but display the key information for the user to make an educated decision about the dimensions. By doing so, you will surely pick a perfect choice for your next purchase. Car reviews also provide plenty of practical info in this regard.

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