Top 10 Best-Selling Vehicles for 2014

The automotive sector dazzles the public with amazing designs every year that implement various improvements and the latest developments in technology. Even those vehicles that were released in the past few years have features that could completely change your perception of the driving experience. When you travel in family, some features become more important in the vehicle, such as the space and the safety measures. Fortunately, most cars offer a good combination of practicality and reliability.


Therefore, you should take a look at the main characteristics that the vehicles in the list below in order to get a good idea about the current capabilities of family cars. This is especially useful regarding the vehicles that showed up in the market barely one year ago, in 2014. Read this article to find out more about the trends in that year's market. We will review the top 10 family car best-sellers in our country and analyses the reasons behind this success in this article.


Family cars in 2014


There are some excellent brands in the automotive sector which are included in this list due to the high reliability, resiliency and cost-efficiency in the cars they design. The latest developments in vehicles would be completely useless if the cars were not optimized in fuel consumption, though. Thus, the latest models from most brands have considerably improved the fuel management in and highway. As you will see in the reviews below, the per-100-miles fuel use has decreased in the past few years. Moreover, the hybrid and electric models have provided new options to the consumers in this regard which are worth considering.


Get ready to check out some amazing designs that could make you dream about changing your vehicle soon. Check out the top 10 list of the most popular and highest-rated family vehicles that were released in 2014 by these brands.


Top 10 models from 2014


1. 2014 Honda Odyssey


This model is a minivan which offers plenty of room for family members who want to move with style and comfort at the same time. There are eight seats as its maximum although five people can travel comfortably while the storage gains over 90 cubic feet of extra space. A total of 3 child seats could be installed in the second row of this minivan. A very interesting feature is the center console, which has a cooler to keep sandwiches and beverages fresh in the road. Among the useful characteristics of this car, there is the Honda-Vacuum which can prove to be very useful on the move.


The 2014 Honda Odyssey is definitely one of the best choices for families who like traveling on their own without stopping too often for a rest due to the several features and the safety measures that this vehicle includes.


2. 2014 Ford Flex


This crossover has room for seven people and a lot of room inside all over the place. A large crew can maneuver without any difficulty due to the spacious interior which is perfect for families. Moreover, this vehicle is adequate for long trips while enjoying the comfort that the latest technology developments provide, such as MyFord Touch screen and the DVD entertainment center for the second and third rows. The fuel consumption is not the best, scoring 22 miles per gallon in the combined category, but the car has got some additional features, such as the second-row fridge and the multi-panel sunroof.


The 2014 Ford Flex has a lot of appeal for families who like going on long road trips frequently. Furthermore, you will always have the space you need to carry gear in the 80-feet cargo room. All in all, a top-notch pick for large groups.


3. 2014 Subaru Forester


The all-wheel-drive Subaru models deserve to appear in this list because of their amazing features on the road. Moreover, there are quite a few other vehicles by this brand in the same category which are also currently worth less than $25 k in the market, such as the Outback, Legacy, Impreza, and XV Crosstrek. Now, let's check why these vehicles are recommended for families who like traveling.


Connectivity is assure in the Subaru Forester models and there are other features that are worth noting, such as the rear view cameras, voice-activated GPS and the X-mode engine control that allows that boosts the traction whenever it is needed the most, like in wet roads and inclines. Although consumption is not the best in these vehicles, you can definitely appreciate why the Subaru all-wheel-drive cars are so highly-valued in the market.


4. 2014 Nissan Altima


This is one of the highest-rated sedans by Nissan Altima in the market at this moment. The popularity of this vehicle is a consequence of the performance on the road. For instance, the combined fuel consumption is over 30 miles per gallon, which is not bad at all in comparison to other models in this list.


The driver profits from some developments in this car, such as hands-free texting, blind-spot monitoring and a lane-departure warning system just to prevent some uncomfortable experiences. All in all, this car is discrete and efficient in its performance. As a consequence, most clients profit from the several features that the vehicle offer for a reasonable budget under $25 k. This is definitely a choice worth noting for anyone who is looking for a middle-sized car that combines the most common features in the sector with some advanced additional components.


5. 2014 Nissan Rogue


This is a SUV model which allows some versatility although it is designed for shopping and school trips. This vehicle is not the most amazing at first sight but the combined features create an adaptable environment for the passengers. Bluetooth connection, key-less entry, folding side mirrors and cruise control are some of the most comfortable characteristics in this car. In conclusion, the 2014 Nissan Rogue is an affordable option for families because it is under the $25 k budget and provides enough space for the passengers for daily use.


The all-wheel-drive cars offer enough power in every day's life. Moreover, the full traction assures that the car moves smoothly in any situation even though the fuel consumption is not as low as one would expect. This drawback is compensated with the various features that this vehicle provides to the driver and the passengers on the road.


6. 2014 Honda Accord


The model of this vehicle released in 2014 represents a clear upgrade in comparison to the previous year's version. Just in one year, the Honda Accord has improved in several aspects. This car also has an 8-inch LCD display which is the central interface for the driver and passengers. Information, communication and the entertainment system are centralized in this screen. Among the default features in this vehicle, there is a single-angle backup camera, the dual zone climate control and a lane drift detector which enhances the security on the road.


But this is not everything the Accord has got to dazzle the public. Furthermore, you can also count on a three-angle backup camera, enhanced safety sensors and improvements in the lights, which are LED-powered, as the new features to be included in the vehicle. There is also the adaptive cruise control which makes it easier to maneuver on the highway. Regarding the fuel consumption, the Accord stays in 32 mpg. This vehicle is among the top 5 most popular cars in the USA.


7. 2014 Nissan Pathfinder


2014 Nissan Pathfinder has suffered a transformation in the past few years which has created the family shuttle it is nowadays. The latest improvements in the Pathfinder have enhanced its previous modest 18 mpg to 23 mpg, which is around the regular value for most family crossovers. A roomy interior is arguably the most outstanding feature in this car due to the maximum 80 cubic feet storage room when there are no passengers in the rear seats provided that the two rows of rear seats can be adjusted to your needs regarding storage. But there are other appealing features in this family car.


Moreover, the second row moves in order to provide an easier rear-seat access. There are three climate control zones for major passenger comfort and also three entertainment centers to enhance the experience while you travel long distances. As you can see, this vehicle provides a lot of comfort to everyone who is on board in combination with adequate safety features.


8. 2014 Honda CR-V


2014 Honda CR-V - The interior of this car has been revamped from the previous version. The series of improvements that the manufacturer has implemented proves to be successful provided that the vehicle is among the most popular in put country one year after its release. On one side, the leather interior is comfortable at first touch; you will like the appeal since the very first moment. The seats have heating to enhance the comfort of the passengers on the road. The driver also counts on some developments that make it easier to control the vehicle, such as rear-view windows and navigation system control on the steering wheel.


Another strong point is the combined 27 mpg that this car performs without much effort. As for the storage space, the 70 cubic feet for cargo is adequate to transport gear and stuff that belong to every family member without suffering from the lack of room at all. The car is quite practical in its use so that any family can enjoy the overall comfort.


9. 2014 Chevrolet Traverse


2014 Chevrolet Traverse reminds of some similar crossovers in the market and happens to be very similar. However, there are some features that make this vehicle a luxurious option that is not over the roof regarding the budget. The default price is nearly $30 k, which is not precisely the most affordable alternative in the current market whatsoever in this category but it is not too overpriced as to not being a good option for families.


The electronics in this crossover includes MyLink radio to offer a enjoyable experience to the passengers and the entertainment system is based in applications like in most similar vehicles. Eight people can travel comfortably in this vehicle even when the 116 cubic feet of combined cargo sections are available. The interior space is one of the strongest points in this amazing car.


All in all, very luxurious cars – with Buick's appointments – that will forever change your perception of the driving experience. You will not only move with style but also with class.


10. 2014 Toyota Sienna


The Toyota Sienna is a suitable option in the minivan category, where you either get a large vehicle or gather tech devices to amuse you. The latter is the option which Toyota pursuits with this model; which presents an outstanding combination of the latest developments in the automotive sector. Eight passengers can travel comfortably in this unique stylish car. Families can profit from the cargo space in this vehicle, which ranges from 39 cubic feet to 150 cubic feet when the seats are folded.


Among the best features in this car, you can profit from the keyless entry or the power lift gate in the back. To improve the comfort of the passengers, the second row has climate controls, as well. The driver also profits from some features, such as the backup cameras and the information system.




As you can see, there are outstanding models that have been in the market for over one year so far. Thus, you should consider this top 10 list if you are willing to purchase a vehicle any time soon; they belong to anyone's wish list. The above-mentioned vehicles have outstanding characteristics that are especially favorable for families but any group could profit, as well. They are not only spacious combine the best developments in the sector to improve the driving experience every time. Moreover, the passengers will also have a great time on the road provided that there is room for gear, entertainment, food and drinks. These are all-in-one vehicles that excel in their performance on the road.


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