Learn How to Avoid Purchasing Storm Cars

In many states there is a strict prohibition of selling the so-called storm cars or sometimes also titled as flood damaged vehicles which means that all autos having damaged caused by the floods and hail can’t be sold without telling to the future owners the history and source of damages. You see buying storm cars in the most cases can bring a lot of troubles to their owners because of defective electronic system which can’t be fixed and that is why sellers have to warn potential buyers about risks.

However a lot of scammers and business-like dealers try to make flood damaged auto looking like usual used or salvage autos and mask them in order to sell to trusting buyers and stay in the profits while trading severely damaged and even dangerous autos. Unfortunately without a solid background it is hard to say whether a used vehicle is one of storm cars or not but few tips you will learn below can help you at least to avoid obvious frauds and prevent from purchasing one of flood damaged cars dealers and salvage yards staff will offer you to buy.

Another drawback of owning flood damaged cars is that warranty is usually voided when it concerns neglected attitude of the previous owners and insurance won’t cover all repairing costs as well. Add to this lasting damages water can cause and hard to be removed humidity and mildew and you will get the whole bunch of problems you will have to face in a case you will buy one of storm cars being seduced by too low prices offered at a junk yard or by a dealer.

What should you do while examining an auto to find out if it belongs to storm cars or not?

  •  check thoroughly in order to not miss moisture and dirt which can be rather difficult to hide. Use your imagination and try to search for humidity marks in the most unexpected places like the dome light or inside the headlights. Glove compartments, a console and trunk can bear marks of moisture as well so look at these parts attentively.
  •  don’t be shy to sniff a car from all its sides to smell that specific and sour odor of moisture. Carpeting and upholstery usually soak smell of humidity at once and even good drying won’t help to get rid of this smell in an easy way. You can even notice the upcoming marks of moisture after smelling carpeting and upholstery obvious enough especially if one of storm cars was kept in a hot and humid place.
  •  bear in mind that replaced and mismatched components especially when it concerns upholstery and interior in general can denote that a car was damaged in the flood and an owner had tried to cover water marks by replacing old and soaked parts with new ones. Too shiny and brand new parts can be a sign of severe damages which a seller want to hide in order to earn at selling storm cars without causing any suspicions so be precautious to notice such things at once.
  •  get or demand to look through a history report of a used vehicle you are going to buy by appealing to Carfax where professionals can help you to find put a lot of interesting things from a certain vehicle’s history an owner would like to hide from prospective buyers. Do research to make sure your deal will be profitable not only for the sellers but for you as well.
  •  if there is an opportunity always ask for a test drive to find out if there are any severe damages of electric system which could be caused by water. Check if interior and outside lights work properly and examine gauges, audio system and electric clock and other supporting parts which belong to the common electric system of a car.

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