Types of Warranties Second Hand Cars for Sale Can Have

To answer the burning question all newbies ask - why one needs a used cars warranty and where to get one after buying a salvage or a used car without warranty –we decided to dedicate the following piece to describing what types of warranties for second hand cars for sale exist and what advantages one may get after buying a warranty for his used car?

Speaking about warranties for second hand cars for sale we should point out that at these days warranties can be bought in the Internet as well so no one will ever face any difficulties concerning where to purchase reliable warranties, however there are some tips you may need.

In a case you didn’t know there is such term as extended warranties which mean that second hand cars for sale after expiring of their warranties given by manufacturers get another extended warranty which can cover if it is necessary some expenses required for repairs. Sometimes second hand cars for sale dealers offer to buy a warranty at once when you purchase a used car but in the most cases you need to look for such extended warranty for your second hand auto by yourself. However there are also numerous cases when owners of new cars buy a used car warranty in order to cover some extra costs required for repairing.

To figure out when a given by a manufacturer warranty expires you should remember the following amount – 36 000 – denoting a number of miles a car should run to be left without a warranty. Buying a car without a warranty is not an option because its value is definitely less than costs you may need to repair your car without having a warranty.

As for warranties for second hand cars for sale there are a lot of companies can be found all over the country which are involved into auto warranty sales business. For example many dealerships sell whether manufacture or aftermarket used cars warranties. Keep in mind that you can appeal to such online warranty companies as Warranty Direct and US Fidelis.

As for the types of warranties existing for second hand cars for sale there are 5 of them:

  1.  The so-called basic warranty. It means that when you buy a used car you will be offered to purchase a basic warranty which can cover all your expenses dealing with repairing its components for 3 months. Sometimes dealers even include basic warranties into a used car’s price so you don’t have to worry about buying a new warranty for your salvage car during this period of time.
  2.  Another type is an extended-length warranty which means you can buy it in addition to a used car at dealerships and from third parties organizations. Its price depends on a number of technical components included as warranted ones in a case a car will need repairing. The more components are included in an extended-length warranty the more is price for such warranty. In the most cases extended warranties can cover all included components up to 100 thousand miles. You will be asked to pay from 800 up to 2500 USD (depending on the mileage of a used car) for extended-length warranty. This type is the most common one when it concerns second hand cars for sale.
  3.  Accessories warranty. Suppose you want to add few new accessories after buying a used car - in this case you will be suggested to buy one of accessory warranties at the price not less than 500 USD which will cover added and custom accessories.
  4.  Maintenance warranty type. In a case you need just a regular maintenance to support your used car you can buy such warranty that will cover all those standard services dealing with maintaining of lube, oil and filters. This warranty is a short-termed because should be completed over again every 3 thousand miles. Eventually it will cost much more than all enumerated above types of warranties but it is perfect for those owners who drive their used cars not so often.
  5.  Tailored warranties finish this list being one of the most flexible types of warranties. Most of enumerated warranties they offer for used cars owners are sold without taking into account your budget and needs – they presuppose fulfilling a so-called bumper-to-bumper plan (service contracts) meaning that you will have to pay for a warranty covering all possible services a car may need in future. However aftermarket companies offer the tailored warranties for those car owners who may like an idea of choosing for what they will pay for when buying a warranty.

The math is simple – the more components you will include in such tailored warranty plan the more you will have to pay. Due to the fact all these warranties can be profitable in different situations choose that one which will suit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

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