Motorcycle Damaged Repairables: How to Fix a Gas Tank?

If you are quite aware how to fix any hole in a car’s body you won’t face any troubles with fixing the same motorcycle damaged repairables parts like a gas tank. However even if you are a pro mechanic (and we strongly do not recommend using the following tips if you don’t know anything about repairing motorcycles or at least have any successful experience in fixing broken parts of  your auto) you may need to know few secrets to fix a motorcycles gas tank simply. For sure no one says that you can in an easy way fix any serious problem but if there are few dents or tiny cracks you can without any problems fix them using the following step-by step guide.

To save your time and money you can fix dents of motorcycles damaged repairables gas tank and do it in a quick by starting from taking off a gas tank from a bike. Then you have to dismantle all fuel valves and then pour our all fuel to empty a tank. Then you need to examine a fuel cap in a case you don’t know exactly where to look for a damage which requires repairing, check thoroughly to notice any cracks, then inspect the whole gas tank in order to find scratches, dents or any other damages paying heed to edges and welds.

In a case you suspect damages but can’t find them you need to take a gas tank as one of motorcycle damaged repairables and check if there are any leaks. To fulfill this successfully you have to fill in a tank with water (after covering in a tight way the hole for the valve for fuel) and then watch if there are leaks. Some motorcycles and mechanics of motorcycle damaged repairables use air compressors and then pressurize a filled with air tank to check if there are places where air escapes.

To seal all the small leaks you will find you need to polish area where a crack is located and then use bondo. Then let material dry and then sand this area.

In order to fix any dents and scratches you should do the following:

  •  and again you need to polish those areas which have dents or scratches in a careful way using whether soap and water or special liquids for this purpose. Leaving a scuff in the metal surface for better sticking of putty won’t be unnecessary.
  •  then you need to use bondo for these dents (use only a plastic scraper for applying putty). Do not be afraid to cover all damages surface with a large amount of bondo, it will be better if it goes over the edges.
  •  after fulfilling this procedure and letting bondo dry, inspect a gas tank again using whether water or an air compressor as it was described above.

Do not forget that applying bondo for covering dents and scratches you have to bring with one and precise stroke without leaving any air pockets and lumps in it. Make sure a leak is completely covered with bondo. Always keep in mind that large dents can’t be covered with bondo because there is always a risk of recurring leaking in addition to this it can be very dangerous to fix any large dents of a motorcycle tank without asking a professional mechanic who has a solid background in damaged repairables. Remember about all risks dealing with fixing motorcycle damaged repairables gas tank and you will manage to fix all small dents easily.

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