Choosing the Best Family Car

Family cars offer extra space to provide comfortable driving for each member of your family and give you an opportunity to travel a lot together. Selecting a car for family people pay attention to its space and possibility to transport not only people but also multiple luggage like strollers, food and toys for children. Minivan, range-rover or sedan - what to choose as car of your family dream?

Let’s regard the most popular cars of family class.


Mazda 5

2014 Mazda Mazda5

This is just perfect combination of space, power and price. Being significantly compact this model provides six seats for passengers and large cargo space. Dual sliding doors and streamlined forms make Mazda’s minivan elegant and not bulky. You can find a wide selection of Mazda 5 cars for sale here.


Honda CR-V

2012 Honda CR-V

Safe and comfortable automobile from Honda Corporation sets the highest positions in the Family Car segment for more than a decade already. It gets 27 miles per gallon on the highway and has multiple glove compartments to keep all you children’s stuff.


Toyota Sienna

2014 Toyota Sienna

If you have a really big family, this is not a reason to stop travelling. Toyota Sienna offers 8 comfortable seats to accommodate all your household. The back row of seats folds down to give you extra space for cargo or you Labrador. Click here to view Toyota Sienna cars that you can buy through our service.


Buick Enclave

2015 Buick Enclave

Buick proves that luxury car can be not only stylish, but also spacious and well-organized. Families that are used to having all privileges of comfort will surely appreciate this model. Safety, posh exterior, higher class, attractive inner space, heated seats and affordable price – all that you family needs.


Subaru Forester


Japanese auto always differed from all standards. Subaru Forester is no exception. It is not quit a SUV or wagon, however it is large enough for not big family needs. All-wheel drive makes it great for cross-country trips – what else is necessary for a family that does not used to sit at home.


Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

Fit perfectly matches small families that seek for economic and comfortable car. While small, Honda Fit has folding back seats that create a lot of space for storage and transportation. Low price and economic gas millage make this model so popular among families all over the world.


Honda Accord

2014 Honda Accord

This representative of Honda definitely hits the rate for its extraordinary features comparing to other sedans. It is really spacious, providing 5 comfortable seats. Honda Accord is fairly considered one of the best family cars among sedans and showed high safety rates at crash-tests. A huge selection of Honda Accord cars for sale can be found on this page.


Family car can be either minivan, or SUV, or even sedan. The biggest attention should be paid to its transformation abilities to provide extra space to children gears and be comfortable enough for passengers. Such car should be, first of all, safe and powerful – so take care to learn about crash-tests of the model you select. Big car often eats a lot; however, you can always find a compromising model.

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