Dismantling / Cutting Vehicles

Dismantling / Cutting Vehicles


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We are happy to provide you our new service of cutting/dismantling cars and other vehicles for parts. It will help you to save much money in comparison with buying auto parts separately. All you need to do is to purchase a low-priced salvage car from American auto auctions and we will do all the rest – cut/dismantle the car, load it and ship the container to your location.


Until recently it was possible to load only 3 or 4 autos in a container. But now thanks to dismantling cars we can load up to 20 autos in one container (depending on the type of vehicles and the method of cutting) which will allow you to save thousands of dollars on shipping.


We use 3 ways of cutting/dismantling autos:


1. Simple cutting. Cars are cut across at the level of their rear seats on 2 parts. This method saves many parts of the half cut car in good condition so that they can be sold. This method is the best for cars that have minimal visible damages. Depending on the size of autos, about 6 cut vehicles can be loaded in one container with the help of this method.



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2. Cost-saving cutting. With the help of this method of cutting it is possible to load from 8 to 14 vehicles in a container. One of the options when cost-saving cutting method is used is when a vehicle has rear damage. In this case we cut the front part from the vehicle and take all doors off. If a rear part contains undamaged body parts, it will be disassembled.  Some body parts of the front cut car such as middle pillar, rear quarter panels, rails and roof can be also cut if desired by the customer.


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3. Dismantling vehicles for parts. The autos are entirely dismantled and we take the main parts off. The body can be cut on pieces as desired. Depending on the type of vehicles and their cuts, from 15 to 23 vehicles can be loaded in one container, so his method is very economical.


The option when we dismantle car is the most beneficial for people who want to sell separate parts, as there is no need to do further dismantling.


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What you need to do is to:
1. Buy several vehicles with (click here to register).
2. Order shipping from the auction to the warehouse in Newark, NJ (you will be able to place your order in My Account or on the Shipping page.
3. Order our service of cutting/dismantling autos here.


All cars purchased from Copart auto auctions all over the United States should be transported to the warehouse in NJ, as we provide the transportation from the port in NJ only. That’s why it is cheaper to purchase vehicles in the states near NJ.


Our rates:


American, Japanese, Korean Sedan 300 400 450 25 15
European Car or Japanese Luxury Sedan (Infiniti, Acura, Lexus) 300 425 450
SUV 300 425 450
Body-on-frame SUV 300 450 475
Motorcycle  300 (without engine dismantling)


(with engine dismantling)

Truck 2000 250 50
Container loading (per each container)  1000
*Body parts: front bumper, hood, front fenders, headlights, mirrors, side doors, trunk lid, the fifth door, rear bumper, lights. Interior parts: dash, steering wheel. Not on the list parts wrapping is negotiated separately.
**Additional body cut off for some of the european frame-in-body SUVs (for example, Porsche Cayenne) is 25 USD




Place an Order for Dismantling / Cutting Vehicles

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